Founded in 2019 ODEON is a lifestyle adventure brand with deep roots in the action sports industry. 

ODEON bikes was born from two Aussie ex-pats living in Southern California.  Surfing up and down the coast from Blacks in SD to Rincon in Santa Barbara, constantly on the search for waves, in between rag trade business appointments.
Surf sessions @ Lower Trestles in San Onofre State Park, is only accessible to the public via a 40 min walk to Uppers and Lowers. Local surfers, started riding e-bikes all the way to Lowers - more energy, more waves and time in the water.

This fuelled the ODEON e-Bike brand, functional, cool and super fun ! 

Designed in Torquay, Australia, inspired by the Southern California beach, motorcycle and youth culture. Here to disrupt the generic market is what defines our collections.

ODEON collaborates with the best premium brands. Including; Samsung Batteries, Bafang Motors, Tektro Brakes and Shimano Gearing to produce premium, innovative and limited e-bikes for the ultimate ride and elevated user experience.

Welcome to ODEON e-Bikes. 
Our mission is to inspire everyday adventures. Freedom to ride a more sustainable way of life.